• As we continue to push to create the premier in-game experience for our fans at all sporting events, we looked to push our limits this year at basketball by utilizing “full board takeovers” and incorporating every board in the arena, seamlessly, into the introductory video for the team. This provided a new and fresh look to our team introductions and energize our fans leading to tip off.

  • After a remarkable run in 2017 for the Mississippi State Women’s basketball team, including a defeat of UCONN to snap their 111-game winning streak, and advance to the National Championship game, the team’s mantra for 2017-18 became “toughness.”

    Throughout the season, that mantra was utilized to create engaging intro videos to fire up both the fan and team, as they look to finish the job in 2018, and win that one more game. On February 5th, a long-anticipated match-up was set for the Hump – Mississippi State vs South Carolina, a rematch of the 2018 National Championship.

    For that game, we took this mantra and pushed it further to formulate the full-board “survivor” intro video, with the goal of showing our fans that every time this team steps onto the court, it’s going to be an all-out fight to push further than ever before towards that ultimate goal of a National Title. This video utilized all video boards in the arena, including the main board, two levels of ribbons, courtside radio table, and upper hustle boards. The target market for our “survivor” women’s basketball intro video is all Mississippi State fans, specifically those who attend women’s basketball games (season ticket holders and students alike).

    If you have ever seen Mississippi State women’s basketball play, you know that the hard-nosed, physical, defense, which challenges every loose ball, takes charges, and competes for 40 minutes, is a staple of this team. Few teams in the country go through military training as a preparation for the season, and this continues to speak to their dedication to the “toughness” mantra. This also provides a unique and creative opportunity to deliver an intro video that speaks to this team’s mindset in pushing one game further in 2018.

    The 2017-18 season has been an unprecedented one thus far for the Mississippi State women’s basketball team. We have achieved numerous program records including the best start in program history and setting the all-time Humphrey Coliseum attendance record. We have also climbed to our highest national ranking in program history at No. 2. A vital part of our in-arena atmosphere is not only the quality of our intro video, but the continued support from our fans during the intro sequence in challenging these girls to continue to be tough throughout the season by making noise and standing by their side. With this year’s intro video, we have been able to train our fans to consistently cheer to the beat of the music, and stay on their feet throughout the entire pre-game sequence. This video is accompanied by full hustle and ribbon board graphics instructing fans to crowd prompts such as “Get on your feet!” and “Make some noise!” to keep the crowd engaged throughout the entire game.

    This video has aided in a dramatic boost in atmosphere in the arena, as our fans continue to do their part to stand up and fight alongside our girls, to make Humphrey Coliseum the toughest place to play in the country.

  • Exclusive access. It’s what fans crave day in and day out. This year, we added a new feature to our football game experience, by mounting a new camera in our tunnel to show a unique view of our team as they exit the lockeroom and make their way into the stadium through the team tunnel.

  • In an effort to further strengthen our brand nationally, we work to capitalize on our SEC Network takeover day to present exciting games from the year, while also creating new and original content for our fans. This year, we showed a never-before-seen Relentless feature highlighting our women’s basketball team’s remarkable run through the 2017 NCAA Tournament.

  • In an effort to continue to make access to Mississippi State events simpler for fans, we have continued our partnership with Bulldog Sports Properties to provide FREE live audio of all MSU radio broadcasts via the TuneIn App, on our official website, and through our official MSU Athletics app.